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Angus Cattle – Dams

Useful dams are proven by performance and time. They are generally home raised, expected to check all of the blocks on fertility and function. I accept a range of function and sizes. No man, in one lifetime, can make every cow in a herd a carbon copy of each other. If you think you can, dream on. We breed in lines and are willing to build a line on a cow and experiment with inbreeding on well proven cows. Honestly, you’d better be willing to eat your hat on most females that you test with inbreeding. My research and experiences are that about a 15% success rate is real. The rest will disappoint in some way. Regardless, here are some good cows in the herd.

Cow 195 has been a building block via sons like 825, 846 and others.


Cow 625 is an unimpressive cow to a visitor. Most would overlook her. She is a lighter mature weight cow but is out of an old foundation cow for us and has fertility, longevity and function.